Salamander Migration Tonight. Please SLOW DOWN



Spotted Salamanders often have to cross roads to get to their breeding pools. Many don’t make it across.

This is our first Spring night of steady rain and temps near 50°, meaning our magnificent Spotted Salamanders (in photo) and other amphibians will be crossing roads to get to their breeding pools. Even though they are up to 8 inches long with yellow spots, these gray salamanders are tough to see on our gray asphalt roads. Many don’t make it across, killed by cars. And then they have to cross the roads again as they return from breeding.  And then the young salamanders emerging from the pools will also have to cross . . .

So, please slow down and watch for them. Better yet, help them across. They don’t bite, and can’t harm you.

If we work together to protect the 1,000-acre forest from being developed, the salamanders and frogs within it will move in peace to and from their breeding pools, without having to cross yet more roads. Let’s Preserve the Preserve.


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