Wildlife of The Preserve: The Red Eft


Kate Brown of the Trust for Public Land took this picture of a Red Eft chillaxin’ on an outcrop of cool quartz in The Preserve. What is cool about these little creatures is that they don’t stay red efts. After wandering the forest floor for up to three years, they return to water and change their bodies to an aquatic shape, complete with a flattened tail for better swimming, and a dark green color for better camouflage amongst the water plants, becoming what we call Eastern Newts.

But why the bright red color during the Red Eft stage? The color tells would-be predators that the Red Eft’s beautiful skin is highly poisonous.

How wonderful that these petite princes of the forest don’t have to cross any roads within The Preserve. Let’s keep working together to keep it that way.

More information on Eastern Newts and their Red Eft Life Stage at http://www.aqua.org/explore/animals/eastern-newt

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