“Maddy’s Match” Campaign Launched!

Maddy-v3A few years back, when she was just 6 years old, Maddy McCuin made an appeal to the owners of The Preserve to let her buy the property. She backed up her request with $5.63-her total savings at the time. Although it would take several more years, and millions more dollars, her vision of protecting ThePreserve is coming to fruition.

Embracing Maddy’s sense of the possible, the Campaign to Preserve the 1,000 Acre Forest is launching a final appeal to reach our $10 million goal. Titled Maddy’s Match, we are asking everyone to make one more gift in support of permanently protecting this rare coastal forest in an increment of $5.63. As we are now approximately $563,000 short of the goal, one gift in this amount could close the campaign.

And of course, gifts of $56,300, $5,630, $563, etc. will be gratefully accepted!

Please consider a Maddy’s Match donation as holiday gifts this season. We have a special opportunity in 2014 to give the gift of peace and tranquility that a walk in The Preserve will provide, once it is protected. . Also, Tuesday, December 2nd is the internationally recognized “Giving Tuesday”. If you donate online here Razoo will match 1 percent of your gift!

We are so close to protecting this land forever. Let’s make this dream a reality for Maddy and the generations that follow hers!

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